I'm a Copywriter & Creative Writer based in Shelton, Connecticut.

About Me

I'm a Connecticut-based copywriter with an extensive background in marketing and creative fiction. I take pride in delivering polished first drafts on topics that are relevant, useful, and fun. My marketing background makes me more than just a writer, too.

My Services

I'm currently a Senior Copywriter in the financial services industry - but my capabilities don't stop there. As a long-time creative writer, I can produce thoughtful and concise copy for any business model. You name it, I'll write it.

How I work

In one sentence? With meticulous attention to detail. If I'm writing, I proofread multiple times. If I'm executing on a marketing campaign, I make sure all variables are accounted for. Most of all, I enjoy working alongside a team of like-minded creatives to make really cool stuff.